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Introducing Clarus touchCMA™
Clarus touchCMA™ is a new comparative market analysis tool that will enable you to turn static sales presentations into interactive conversations with your clients. Clarus touchCMA™'s innovative approach empowers real estate professionals to build and present interactive comparative market analyses in a unique way, either through a Web-based platform or through a companion iPad application. Presentations sync automatically between devices, allowing you to create and present CMAs on your laptop and/or Apple iPad®.
See how professionals are using Clarus touchCMA™ to win clients: http://www.clarustouchcma.com/products.

Clarus PropertyManager
Clarus PropertyManager™ is an online property management solution for small to mid-sized property managers to manage their business profitably. This affordable and comprehensive online solution allows for online payments, debt collections with integrated online banking systems, built-in customer facing websites, online advertising platforms, residential portals, custom forms, general ledger accounting, tenant screening, property maintenance features, and much more.
For more information, visit www.ClarusPropertyManager.com.

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About Clarus REsource®

Clarus REsource® Includes:
Clarus touchCMA™
Clarus MarketMetrics®
Clarus Investor®2.0
Clarus Property Manager
Clarus Connect

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